Space is a great, endless void. Amongst the lonely stars, supernovas, pulsars and planets lies a single, small world known to it’s denizens as Eris.

Though from afar it might seem like just another speck of colours, few would deny that it is a beautiful world – from the tall forests and mountain ranges of the North, to the peaceful lands of the South, where fragile civilizations have carved for themselves a place amongst the rubble of once glorious empires that were shattered and broken in one war of unparalleled scale, to the deserts and jungles of the deep South, where thousands of mysteries still remain hidden beneath the gentle canopy of palm trees and the grains of sand of massive deserts.

For more than one thousand years, the world has remained mostly at peace. However, now, something is brewing. In the dark corners of the world, shadowy figure whisper of another great war and more often do we hear tales of barbarian hordes and demonic creatures swarming south, past the Veil of Snow, pillaging and razing along the way.

You are in the middle of this coming storm. Perhaps you will be the ones to prevent the destruction of the world, or perhaps you will be the ones to destroy it… Only time, fate, and your actions will tell.