Shared Party Inventory


Currency Amount
Astral Diamond 0
Platinum 9136
Gold 0
Silver 0
Copper 0

1 AD = 100 PP
1 PP = 100 GP
1 GP = 10 SP
1 SP = 10 CP

Shared Party Items

Items Quantity

[Sacrificial Waraxe +4]
[Ring of Giants]
[Power Jewel]
[Boar Tusk Helm]
|bloodclaw Longsword +4|
|Moonbane Spear|
|the not-a-nomicon|
|Miniature Game Rulebooks|
|Ixlig’s Faint Whisper (Level 12)|2|
|Armour Oil|4|
|Blitzholm’s Defender Salve|
|Potion of Vitality|4|
|Potion of Lesser Haste [Level 10)|
|Potion of Shadow’s Essence [Level 17]|
|Elixir of Dagonbreath(paragon tier)|
|potion of invulnerability|
|potion of spirit|2|
|elixir of speed|
|scroll of scramble portal|
|Scroll of view location|
|scroll of snowstorm summons|
|scroll of ritual retrieval|5|
|scroll of create teleportation circle|
|throne of dominion(paragon)|
|Imovable Shaft|2|
|Jade Sea Snake|1|
|Everlasting Provisions|
|Healer’s Brooch (Level 14, Adventurer’s Vault 1) |
|Cincture of Vivacity (Level 14, Adventurer’s Vault 1) |
|Crystal Bowl of Spying [Level 10, Adventurer’s Vault 1) |
|Parchment Armour (Level 14, Adventurer’s Vault 2) |
|Staff of Spell Blasting (Level 14, Adventurer’s Vault 2) |
|Dread Helm (Level 13, Adventurer’s Vault 1) |
|Tome of Crushing Force (Level 14, Adventurer’s Vault 2) |
|Circlet of Mental Onslaught (Level 11, Adventurer’s Vault 1) |
|Flesh Grinder Longsword +3 (Level 13, Adventurer’s Vault 2) |2|
| Master’s Blade +3, (Level 14, Adventurer’s Vault 2)|
|Ruby of Almagor the Wise|
|Watch of Time|
|Helm of Battle (Heroic tier) (Level 9, Player’s Handbook)|
|Gloves of Piercing (Level 3, Player’s Handbook)|
|blood-stained pistol|
|Leather Armor of Resistance +2 (Level 7, Adventurer’s Vault)|
|Masterwork (Finemail) Pelaurum Chainmail Armour +2 (Level 9, Adventurer’s Vault)|
|Cold Iron Longsword +2 (Level 8, Adventurer’s Vault)|
|Dread Longsword +2 (Level 8, Adventurer’s Vault)|
|Shared Suffering Chainmail +2 (Level 10, Adventurer’s Vault)|
|Shared Suffering Leather Armor +2 (Level 10, Adventurer’s Vault)|
|Leather Armor (Level 0, Player’s Handbook)|
|Blackshroud Axe +2 (Level 10, Adventurer’s Vault)|
|Ghostlight Candle (Level 15, Adventurer’s Vault 2)|
|Healer’s Leather Armor +3 (Level 15, Adventurer’s Vault 2)|
|Flameburst Xbow +2 (Level 8, Player’s Handbook)|
|Map of Unseen Lands (Level 7, Adventurer’s Vault 2)|
|Instant Campsite (Level 5, Adventurer’s Vault)|
|Longsword (Level 0, Player’s Handbook)|
|Quarterstaff +1 (Level 1, Player’s Handbook)|
|Cloth Armor +1 (Level 1, Player’s Handbook)|
|Leather Armor +2 (Level 6, Player’s Handbook)|
|Scintilating Cloth Armor +2 (Level 8, Manual of the Planes)|
|Cloth Armor +2 (Level 6, Player’s Handbook)|
|Graceful Dagger +2 (Level 8, Adventurer’s Vault)|
|Inspiring Warhammer +2 (Level 8, Adventurer’s Vault)|
|Footpad’s Friend Shortsword +2 (Level 10, Adventurer’s Vault)|
|Bloodguard Heavy Shield +2 (heroic tier) (Level 2, Adventurer’s Vault 2)|
|Exceptional Factotum Helm (Level 14, Mordenkainen’s Magic Emporium)|
|Potion of Regeneration (Level 9, Adventurer’s Vault)|
|Potion of Resistance (Level 14, Adventurer’s Vault)|
|Gloves of Storing (Level 9, Adventurer’s Vault)|
|Drowmesh Surge Armour +3 (Level 13, Adventurer’s Vault 2)|
|Blade of Night Dagger +3 (Level 12, Adventurer’s Vault)|
|Gloves of Accuracy (Level 16, Mordenkainen’s Magic Emporium)|
|Medallion of Death Deffered (Level 14, Adventurer’s Vault)|
|Githweave Robe of Quills (Level 13, Adventurer’s Vault)|
|Raven Feather Quills|
|Inquisition bell|
|wanted poster: kat, darius, brindhane, cereb|
|Book of the Ritual of Kor’Daniir|
| Ore and Alloy guidebook|
|charred ritual book|
|Imperial Badge of Service|
|Old Empire Banners|2|
|Dragon Skulls|2|
|Black Powder Bags|4|
|Abomination Organ|4|
|Sample of Hideous Flesh|1|
|Common Components|370 gp|
|Dragon Teeth|10|
|Dragon Horn|4|
|Spider Silk|2 Small Bags|
|Gems|20 Large Crystals|
|Pure Adamantite Ore|3 bars|
|Residum|8,682 gp|
|Arcanite|1 Sliver|
|Pure Gold Necklace|1|
|Lichbone|3 lbs|
|some small gems|

Shared Party Inventory

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